A downloadable game for Windows

Remnant is a short horror game made for the Scream Jam 2019. Everything excluding the music (which there is a list of below) was made in 5 days using Gamemaker Studio 1.4.

You play as a grieving man who has commissioned a chatbot emulating his late wife's personality to be made in order to put an end to his loneliness. There are branching dialogue options, but only one ending.

Use the arrow keys to move and select dialogue options, and spacebar to advance text, choose a dialogue option, or interact with your environment.

This game contains some violence and themes of suicide. If you are sensitive to that, I don't recommend you play it.

Cacola - The Last Showing
rxdlxst - walked away
Xorberax - little droplets of water
Cacola - ur the only reason im still here And You're Not Even Real
Xorberax - what for

Enjoy, and please report any bugs you find! Constructive criticism is also welcome, as this is my first game.


Remnant.exe 10 MB


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Hi DataGhost!

Incredible work, and congrats on your win! I'm messaging you here to let you know that you've also won the cash prize for SCREAM JAM 2019! You should have a friend request on Discord from someone named Federico. He's from our sponsor, Satoshi's Games, and will be able to sort you out. If you'd prefer not to discuss it over Discord, feel free to email us at mail(at)caveware.digital with your preferred contact method.

Once again, congrats!

Congrats on taking the top seat in the jam, you deserve it!

Honestly, I feel like your game deserved to win, and probably would have if it was finished. The graphics were so much better, it had well-made, intuitive puzzles, and a relentlessly creepy atmosphere with little bits of comedy hidden around. Not to mention the fact that I nearly jumped out of my chair when the monster started chasing me for the first time! I love everything about Aamon Inc, and I'm excited to see the things you create in the future!

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, but your game had a special element none of the other games had. Maybe we should team up for a future jam. 

I love that idea! I should warn you, though, I'm not very experienced. . . If you have discord, you can contact me at DataGhost#1723 and we can talk about this more.